Develop Talent to Strength

Strengths-based Coaching for Individuals and Teams




One-on-one coaching or team development, contact me to learn how coaching can be the impact that stirs you up towards the GOOD work you are called to!

Team Strengths Workshop

Discover your team's greatest individual talents, and learn how it can positively impact dynamics, production, profit, and overall engagement to become truly strengths-based.

One on One Coaching

Discover your greatest individual talents using Gallup's Clifton Strengths Assessment. Learn to develop them into strengths to unlock your greatest potential.

Keynote Speaking

Include an engaging and edifying topic for your meeting or event. Focus could include leadership development, understanding strengths, or engaging your church community through strengths.


Dan was very knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to his work. He is inspiring and motivating. He inspired me to dive deeper into strengths and how it can apply to my life and relationships (I am even reading a book that he recommended based on the strengths). Dan is a wonderful presenter!

"Kaleo Coaching has been such a blessing in our lives and our office at Vital Performance Chiropractic. The personal and professional growth has been amazing and cannot wait to continue working with Kaleo! Thank you so much!"

"[Kaleo Coaching] helped me decide which field I want to study as a college student. I would highly recommend him as a coach and guide for a prospective student searching for pathways in life." - Noah Schultz 

"When you discover your talents, you begin to discover your calling. When you develop your talents into strengths and apply those strengths, you fulfill your calling."

Donald Clifton

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February 28, 2019

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