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About Me

Dan Vincent, founder of Kaleo Coaching

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website! I created Kaleo Coaching to build others up to the good work they are called to. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, my favorite tool to use for both teams and individuals is the Clifton Strengths Assessment. I have seen a little bit of every type of work environment, and had a handful of titles ranging from Missionary, Pastor, Operations Manager, and Director (among others). Ultimately the work I am "called" to, or invited to (hence the name Kaleo) has much more to do with what I have to offer. I love coaching others to the same empowering realization that they can provide a good work, and will be most successful when using their natural talents.

Using proven methods, and with my unique background, I will coach you to develop strengths awareness in people and teams to accomplish work and life goals. I am available for dynamic workshops, presentations, or one-on-one coaching packages.

My desire as your coach is to build you up in your strengths so you can provide the good work you are called to!

Dan Vincent

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