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What is Coaching?

what is coaching?

Depending on the context in which you have heard the term "coach", or more specifically "life coach", there could be a few opinions on what it is and isn't. Coaching is a budding profession (yes, there are many who actually coach full-time), and one that is receiving more attention these days. But what is it, really?

What is Coaching?

Considered a primary text in the realm of coaching, Co-Active Coaching describes coaching as "a relationship - in fact an alliance - between two equals for the purpose of meeting the coachee's needs." Frederick Hudson writes in The Handbook of Coaching that "a coach is someone trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment, and confidence." The purpose of coaching is not to diagnose, or provide a type of help that requires medical or psychological assistance (not therapy). As stated in Co-Active Coaching, it is a relationship, not a method.

How Can it Help?

Coaching can be a powerful relationship that allows the "coachee" to express their displeasure with some aspect of life, allow someone (the coach) to truly listen, and be willing to respond to observations and questions that can help that person begin moving in a positive direction. Having a coach can be motivating, encouraging, challenging, and ultimately can be the catalyst to move from where you are to where you want to be.

What is Kaleo?

Kaleo comes from the Greek word, Klesis, meaning "call", or "calling". The purpose for Kaleo Coaching is to engage in a coaching relationship for the purpose of stirring the "coachee", or even provoking that person in their natural talents so that they can discover their call. With this awareness, beginning with Gallup's CliftonStrengths assessment, you will find yourself moving in a direction you may not have ever experienced before: towards what you are called to do in your life. You see, our calling speaks more about what we've been designed and gifted to do. Whatever context (or vocation) you find yourself in is simply how you will live your call.

Contact Kaleo Coaching today to discover your call, or simply to get unstuck in life, so you can start providing the good work you were designed for.

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