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Back to School

We are well in to the new school year, and going back to school can create scattered feelings. For the high school student it conjures up the intensity of college decisions approaching. For the college student it may bring up uncertainty around a career that you hope comes from your degree path. College graduates may wonder if they should keep studying, or remain content with the job offer they’ve recently accepted. No matter the life stage (I didn’t even address older adults with kids going back to school, or adults that may feel out of place in their current career), there is something about this time of year that feels intense. Do you relate?

As I have begun coaching more frequently, both in formal workshops for organizations as well as in less formal settings for individuals, I have noticed the power a coaching relationship can have for a person. Kaleo Coaching was created to build others up to the good work they are called to do. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach I believe the Clifton Strengths assessment is a dynamic, yet practical tool to begin with. After all, as Donald Clifton once stated, “when you discover your talents you begin to discover your calling. When you develop your talents into strengths, and apply those strengths, you fulfill your calling.”

The coach acts as a guide to help uncover talents, identify how those talents have always impacted your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and be there to ensure you are staying on the path you have set for yourself. In every way it is the same as a coach for physical fitness, nutritional needs, or financial advice. If you are experiencing the intensity that back to school can bring, contact me at to learn if working with a coach is right for you. Setting up a free 20 minute conversation may be the chance for you to see how taking advantage of a coaching relationship is what you need to set a path for the good work you are called to.

Do you want to know how you are designed to make your unique impact in the world? Contact Gallup’s Certified Strengths Coach, Dan Vincent, at to get your Clifton Strengths Assessment code. Kaleo Coaching is currently working with organizations and individuals to interpret your assessment results, and make a plan on how to aim them towards your goals.

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