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"Dan is a perceptive teacher and very inspirational.... he has helped me gain valuable insight about myself and career, which equipped me to start thinking more strategically for the future of our organization." 

- Vicki Rodell

 "He was able to open my eyes to how I can use my strengths to better myself and others around me. I am grateful for this wonderful experience." 

- Mikayla B.

Dan was very knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to his work. He is inspiring and motivating. He inspired me to dive deeper into strengths and how it can apply to my life and relationships (I am even reading a book that he recommended based on the strengths). Dan is a wonderful presenter!

- Crystal G.

"This helped me decide which field I want to study as a college student. I would highly recommend him as a coach and guide for a prospective student searching for pathways in life." - Noah Schultz 

Dan was a very friendly and fun presenter. I felt he really engaged us during his presentation. I'm glad we had the chance to learn from him and I felt like he really helped us to understand and be proud of each of our strengths.

- Anna S.

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