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Strengths Language

Talking isn’t the same as communicating. Language barriers are great examples of this truth. Just because you are forming sentences using a language does not mean you are effectively communicating.

One area of communication that many people lack effectiveness is in describing themselves. To prove this thought, ask a friend (or even better, a stranger) to describe their most impactful strengths. The odds are they would struggle putting the right words together. As a strengths coach to the St. Charles County CAPS program, I have been working with high school students understand the talent they can potentially bring to the work force. Using the Forbes’ #1 recommended assessment, Gallup’s Clifton Strengths, CAPS associates are learning their top 5 themes of talent that drive their patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The CAPS program gives them the opportunity to experience how it could apply in the context of work environments. One of my main encouragements as I coach the CAPS associates is to take advantage of the great language that Clifton Strengths provides. Not only are they becoming more aware of the presence of these talents, but they are learning the impact of communicating it to others. Imagine the loss of opportunity for both employer and potential employee over the inability to describe the impact of talent.

I was recently approached by one of the associates, and she was overjoyed that she had received a large scholarship to a university. During the application she utilized Clifton Strengths language to describe the value she brings to the table. This had a positive influence in her being awarded the scholarship!

If you are a student, or parent of a student, then contact me at to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity. We prepare intensely for sports, weight loss, and other goals we set in our lives. Kaleo Coaching is the guide for you to prepare for your life. My goal as your coach is to build you up to the good work you are called to throughout your community. It starts with communicating the value you have to offer.

Do you want to know how you are designed to make your unique impact in the world? Contact Gallup’s Certified Strengths Coach, Dan Vincent, at to get your Clifton Strengths Assessment code. Kaleo Coaching is currently working with organizations and individuals to provide the GOOD work they are called to.

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