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Infrequent, but Impactful

I have run in to a specific theme several times in the past month, one that does not seem to come up as frequently. In fact, according to Gallup’s studies of most frequent themes in a top five, this one is 32 out of 34 in the United States. In other words, it doesn’t show up in someone’s top five that frequently.

The theme I’m referring to is Significance™. People talented with this theme want to be important in the eyes of others. They are typically independent, but want to be recognized. Significance™ shows up as 23 out of 34 for me, so not only do I not express this talent frequently, but I have not spent much time researching it… until recently.

A consultant to t-shirt screen printing and manufacturing, an entrepreneur with multiple small businesses and a classroom, and a high school student. These are my recent interactions with Significance™. There’s one thing in common with all of them: they really want to make an impact through their lives. Beyond a specific project, they want every element of their life to make a positive difference. An interesting question I’ve begun to ask is what it feels like when they receive feedback, especially when it is positive feedback about their work. The student immediately smiled before I was finished asking the question (I think that answers it), the consultant acknowledged that it confirms what he is doing is indeed impacting the lives of others, and the entrepreneur stated it drives him to keep moving forward.

To put another way, I asked what it is like when there is no feedback given, and the response is quite different. It is almost as if feedback is fuel, but also a barometer to measure if the work is making a difference. You might be asking, "how is this a talent?" Good question. Gallup defines talent as patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving. Unlike categorization, Clifton Strengths unlocks these natural patterns, giving it a great language to describe ways we experience and interact with the world. The results of more than 20 million assessments prove we are all unique, so unique in fact there is a 1 in 33 million chance a person will have the same order of top 5 strengths as you. Many people, for example, are motivated by accomplishment, others by working through an orderly process... those with Significance™ will be motivated through the positive impact they make. This is made alive through the recognition they receive.

Does this sound like you, or perhaps someone you manage? If so, let me encourage you to surround yourself with credible, productive people. Being around the best is likely something you enjoy, and will be helpful as you gain insight and feedback from them.

Do you want to know how you are designed to make your unique impact in the world? Contact Gallup’s Certified Strengths Coach, Dan Vincent, at to get your Clifton Strengths Assessment code. Kaleo Coaching is currently working with organizations and individuals to provide the GOOD work they are called to. Learn more at

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